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Our Mission:

All too often “charities” spend more money on administrative costs and marketing/fund raising expenses than they actually spend on the programs and people they were developed to aid. Because of this, Give 99 was created with the goal of developing and implementing charitable programs that run more like a charity and less like a for profit corporation.

Our mission is to provide donors with an array of charitable choices, where the majority of their donations go directly to the program and those whom the program is designed to benefit.

Give 99 runs various programs which provide an avenue for personal donors and volunteers to maximize their contributions with over 99% of their donations going directly to the cause of their choice. We are able to allocate such a large portion of funding for program expenses by eliminating excessive costs such as high salaries, immense administration costs and extensive marketing/fundraising budgets.

To achieve this we depend on our corporate donors and word of mouth advertising. Please help by sharing, tagging, tweeting and any other way you can spread the word about Give 99 and our programs. We are a team, and we depend on our village to help us change the world.