Give99 | Why Give99?

All too often “charities” spend more funds on administrative and/or marketing/fund raising expenses then they actually spend on the charity program and people these programs were developed to aid.  Because of this, Give 99 was create to develop and implement charitable programs that run more like a charity and less like a business.

Our mission is to provide donors with an array of charitable choices, where the majority of their donation goes directly to the program and those whom the program was designed to benefit.

Give 99 runs various programs for charitable causes which provide an avenue for donors and volunteers to maximize their contributions with over 99% of their donations going directly to the cause of their choice.  Unlike most charities, we are able to allocate such a large portion for program expenses by eliminating other costs such as high salaries, immense administration costs and extensive marketing/fundraising budgets.

In the upcoming weeks we will be launching 2 new programs that we will be raising funds for.  Please check back for more info on both these great programs that need your help.